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We have free guides, tutorials, weekly articles and webinars (also a dedicated YT channel) with online marketing strategies, tips & tricks and many things we generally consider useful.

Who we are?

White blue design.com is an online marketing agency launched in 2020 by the entrepreneur Radu Ciofu and his co-workers. We are based in Bucharest and we have been active in the online environment for years.

Our online digital agency is offering a wide range of services and courses designed to help you in improving the website of your company. The courses are developed for all people who want to learn about online campaigns, optimization, or SEO services.

Our Online Marketing Agency

Provides services and courses about online marketing and digital promotion. The most important services we are offering are the following: SEO, Google Ads, Facebook Ads Services, Website development, Content writing, Web Design, Conversions’ optimization, Marketing courses, and more others.


What is our main goal?

Our main goal is to provide online marketing services that are developed to offer real value objectively measurable to all the customers.


How can we help you?

If you have a business that needs online promotion or online advertising, our online marketing agency is ready to help you. Also, as an online advertising company we can help you with web design services and logo development.


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1. The online marketing agency for online visual identity

The people of our online marketing agency are specialized in UI. They can create a memorable logo that will attract a lot of visitors to your website. As you probably know the logo is an element that makes a difference between you and your competitors, it has to be simple to understand, catchy and original.

That is why you need to take into account the process of developing a professional logo that needs to be related to the trends and technical details. Our online advertising company can help you, just contact us!

2. The online marketing agency that builds SEO strategies

Our online marketing agency is offering complete SEO strategies such as audit, on-page optimization, off-page optimization, online consultancy, and SEO courses. Moreover, the specialists of our online digital agency provide effective optimization campaigns that place your website at the top of Google searches.

The campaigns are set up according to the position of your company and your competitors in the marketplace. Our online advertising agency is working hard to implement feasible strategies that optimize your website efficiently. Contact us and find out more. Also, you can request a free SEO audit for your website.

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An online marketing agency for e-commerce

Our online marketing agency performs only measurable advertising campaigns, with pay per click or per action. Also, we offer specialized consulting to help you understand better online promotion.

Moreover, as an online advertising agency, we can offer you specific services for e-commerce: catalog sales campaigns to influence visitors to interact with your products and to identify from the product list the right ones.

Also, we can help you with e-commerce SEO by developing customized solutions such as SEO structure for your store, optimization of product categories and pages, and other specific services.

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3. Global online marketing agency

Our online marketing agency is based in Bucharest, but we can also collaborate successfully with partners from different cities. For us, the distance is not a problem. Moreover, we are offering consulting services and whenever it is needed we can discuss your business via Skype.

The online digital agency will implement an audit that analyzes your competition and other factors from your field of activity, so this process helps us to understand which approach is more reasonable. After this stage, we are ready to offer you the best solutions for your business.

4. The online marketing agency for Adwords campaigns

If you want to attract more traffic to your website, the people of our online marketing agency can set up Google campaigns related to your company’s needs. Besides Google Adwords, we are offering PPC services, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Youtube Ads. Also, the online digital agency can provide display campaigns for your company and if it is required we additionally make remarketing campaigns.

The specialists of our online advertising company are focusing on concrete, real objectives built to have more visitors on your website. This process conducts to product purchases, registrations to the website, and new leads

Do you need a professional online marketing agency to manage your online promotion campaigns? Contact Us!

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Online marketing agency partners

Some clients of our online marketing agency are Slim Concept and CrystalTime. We helped them with various services such as website repair development, SEO optimization, Online consulting, Adwords promotion, and Facebook campaigns, as well as content creation for their website and blog.

The online advertising company is here to help you create a website, promote it, and optimize it for search engines. Moreover, to ensure that everything works perfectly and that the solutions we propose suit you, we manage the Google Ads audit or free SEO audit. Our purpose is to offer solutions for all businesses present in the online environment!

An online marketing agency for small businesses, start-ups, and SMEs

We are an online marketing agency that works mostly with small businesses, startups, and SMEs. We know that any start-up has a limited budget and a great need for results. Therefore, our solutions are adaptable.

The personalized price offers are developed for all types of businesses. Our online digital agency is providing promotion services based on measuring and streamlining performance indicators. Our work is based only on KPIs established together. That is why we are an online advertising agency suitable for small businesses, startups, and SMEs.

Creating a website or an online store is the first step when launching an online business. That’s why we welcome you with professional website development. Besides, to know clearly from the beginning how much the website will cost you, you can use the price calculator from the service page. You just enter the details of your project and so you discover an approximate price for your website. If you need more specific prices, contact our online marketing agency!

The online marketing agency for the HoReCa sector

We are an online marketing agency suitable for restaurants and we offer specific services for the HORECA field!

Do you have a restaurant or a coffee shop?

Then, you will need an online marketing agency. We provide specific services that generate traffic to your location. The online digital agency can help you with the implementation of Facebook Ads campaigns. Our specialists design specific objectives and advanced targeting to attract customers that are close to your restaurant or coffee shop.

Whether we are talking about ads, chatbot solutions, or sponsored events, we will do our best to achieve the desired results.

Also, our online advertising company can help you build a menu page on Facebook and a professional presence on Google My Business so that local people can quickly find you on the map. Such solutions that attract local audiences are proven to be up to 70% more efficient in terms of user engagement rate.

If you want personalized online promotion for your restaurant, coffee shop, or hotel, choose white-blue-design services.

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