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Website features - call on a company to create a website and personalize your business

Are you looking for an optimal solution to make your business as visible as possible to customers?

A simple site is not enough, you must have a correct site in terms of design. White Blue Design company can offer you web design services, site creation services, to make your business as attractive as possible and to obtain an intuitive site and easy to access.

Web design company – how we can help you

In addition to website creation services, online store creation or SEO and promotion services, our company also offers web design services for any type of business, regardless of niche.

It is important to mention that we take into account the specifics of your business and we only design suitable sites. Some reasons to use our web design company for unique pages:

  • We make accessible sites using WordPress, the most common platform
  • The site can be customized according to the specifics of the business
  • We make only attractive designs and optimize the sites to be appreciated by users and Google
  • In addition to the pleasant appearance, we also make sure that the site is secure
  • We’re always up to date with web design news and everything about online marketing

Website features - how should a site look like depending on the business area

You own a real estate business, you have a medical clinic or a travel agency and you don’t know what your site should look like? Don’t worry, our web design company knows exactly what your site should look like. We create and deliver turnkey sites with a custom design depending on the client’s business. 

We know what the characteristics are for most businesses and that is why we are professionals in designing custom sites for custom businesses. 

Here are some of the most common businesses and what your site should look like:

Real estate website design companies

You have a real estate company and you want a specific website design?

A real estate site must be intuitive and easy to use by all visitors. The main feature is the filters applied at the site level, depending on several features, depending on the desired searches. If this filter is well defined, the ads can be easily viewed, are correctly targeted and the contact details are visible, then the real estate agency’s website can be successful.

Engineering website design

An engineering website must have a design as close as possible to the needs and vision of those who access it. Because it is a fair niche field and not every visitor will arrive here, it will be necessary to clearly define the services offered by creating relevant SEO texts but also by using intuitive graphic elements.

Financial advisor website design

Designing a website for a financial advisor is not very difficult, but you must take into account the specifications necessary for such a business to be successful with the help of the site. Here we must focus on relevant texts and practical advice, as well as on a design as accessible as possible with representative images and graphic elements. There may even be a computer that any user can use.

Law firm website design companies

Our company also deals with website design for law firms. In this case, the appearance of the site must be done in a professional way, with complex elements and it has to offer safety and fairness in the services offered.

Medical website design companies

If you want to create a medical website and you need a web design company, you have come to the right place. We are specialized in creating websites regardless of the field of business. For such a business, the graphic elements that can lead the clients to the desired services are important.

Fitness web design agency

If you have a fitness room and you want to make a website, find out what are the most important elements regarding the design offered by our web design agency. Pictures of the location are very important, and services must be clearly specified along with prices and all subscriptions. Depending on the desired colors, we make a pleasant and easily accessible site.

Travel agency web design agency

A travel agency must have a design as pleasant as possible to attract customers. The pictures are very important and the presentation of offers should be as clear as possible. We use suitable templates so that your travel site should be easy to access and to easily generate reservations.

Recruitment agencies

Our web design agency can help you with the design of the recruitment agency website you own. In this case, as in the case of real estate sites, you need to have more job sorting filters available. We do everything necessary for a recruitment site to be used by more users.

Need more details regarding our web design services?

If you need more information and want to request an offer depending on what you want to achieve for your site, we invite you to contact us.