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SEO Experts about future of SEO

The power of SEO is no secret when it comes to marketing your business. The benefit of attracting potential customers directly to your site is increased revenue for your business, regardless of your industry.


A few big names about the future of SEO


Rand Fishkin, co-founder of Moz, founder of Spark Toro and author of Lost & Founder, was one of the heroes of SEO and discussed the erratic behavior of Google in recent years. According to Rand, Google has moved away from directing search to other websites to answer their problems and to self-hosted answers and solutions.


In the coming years, visual content will have an increasing impact on SEO, said Sam Mallikarjunan, head of growth at HubSpot Labs. Search engines are perfect for finding out what a video, audio clip, or image really is. For example, Google does more than promote YouTube content in search results – they also learn how to analyze what visual content actually is. It has implications for graphic content producers. Also, visual artists need to start thinking about SEO when producing visual content, such as images and videos, just as content writers have had to learn how to optimize titles and keywords.


As a result, Brian Dean believes that signals of user experience are becoming increasingly critical in the future. If you take the time to think about it this way and a Google employee recently said it nicely, the links are heuristic. Links work like a heuristic or a shortcut, and when Google has a million or a billion pages in the index and tries to figure out which ones are the best, they use links to help them. Probably the best content for a page is the one that has the most high quality links pointing to it. 


Therefore, it should be ranked higher because it is the best content. Whether it’s a startup or an e-commerce site, he believes that the first step is always to search for keywords, because it guides you in everything you do. Great content can be produced. Content may be relevant to the audience you want to reach. The problem is, if it’s not optimized around the keywords you’re looking for, they won’t find it, so we always suggest that people start with keyword research, because it forms the foundation for everything. As soon as you know what keywords your customers are looking for, you’ll have topics to write about, then content writing and then on-page SEO you want to implement, etc., etc., and the process continues.


The most prominent authority on search engine optimization, Neil Patel, believes that reusing content is the best way to maximize its effectiveness. The content you created took a lot of time and effort, so you should make the most of it. Remove dust from your old content, clean it thoroughly, and then update it to make it funky for a brand new audience! Also, by translating each piece into several formats simultaneously, you will get the most value out of it.


Brands need to become more goal-oriented and more value-oriented to attract people, especially young people. Lack of brand awareness and a strong message prevents people from visiting the site, interacting on social media, clicking, or learning about the company. The marketing department needs to understand the target audience and why specific actions are being taken. It is imperative to keep in mind the user’s perspective, desires and needs to keep the user involved.