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Shopify SEO - what it is and how it can be helpful for a successful site

Shopify is a platform through which you can create a commerce site. What does a trade site mean? Simple. That site that you use as an online store through which you sell your products. We all know how advanced e-commerce has been in recent years, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic began, a pandemic that has greatly increased product sales through online platforms. Revenues from online sales are around $ 3.5 trillion in 2020 and will increase to $ 4.2 trillion in 2021 (according to ADOBE – the company that collects data on transactions). Through Shopify SEO you can improve your store, increase the number of sales and you have the certainty that potential customers will find you much easier through relevant search terms.

What does it mean to create a Shopify site?

Creating a Shopify commerce site is as easy and fast as possible, and consists of three small and simple steps, but big and complex at the same time:


  • Choosing and customizing a theme – customizing the future online sales store is simple because the platform offers a multitude of themes from which you can choose;
  • Adding products on the site – when you add products on the site, it would be advisable to add pictures accompanied by descriptions as detailed and complex as possible;
  • Selling products – you must configure the methods of payment (online via internet banking, post office, cash on delivery) and shipping parcels (personal collection from the physical store – if any, by courier service or post office). Only then can you start selling the products.

The advantages of creating a site on the Shopify platform

  • speed in creating the site;
  • ease of loading the products offered for sale on the site;
  • customer reviews – buyers can write their impressions on the items purchased so that future customers can know for sure if the product is according to reality;
  • increase sales – because it is an online store, at any time of day or night, customers can shop. If we refer to the idea that a physical store has a fixed schedule during the week or on weekends, with days off from holidays or various occasions, it is obvious that an online store “never sleeps”;
  • business expansion – an extremely important advantage is that an online sales site offers the possibility to purchase products by buyers from all over the country or why not, from all over the world. This is a clear advantage over physical stores.

What does Shopify SEO mean anyway?

Shopify SEO refers to the fact that the Shopify platform for creating websites includes more SEO techniques, an improvement compared to other platforms. SEO for Shopify may be different from SEO for other platforms, so it’s important to pay more attention when using SEO techniques on the Shopify platform.

Improving the site through Shopify SEO - Shopify SEO tips

  • Finding relevant Shopify SEO keywords for products – they appear in people’s searches on search engines;
  • Adding keywords in page titles, meta descriptions, to product image descriptions – this helps search engines understand the content being promoted;
  • Frequently create relevant content for the products offered – search engines tend to send users to sites that are updated more often;
  • Add the full domain to the Google search engine to make the site visible;
  • Creating natural links that link to your store on other websites.

Shopify SEO Checklist

Site Structure

how the site is structured and the related content is important. A buyer needs to find the product they are looking for quickly and easily. Structuring the products by categories is recommended because, theoretically speaking, the buyer may not know the exact name of the product, but has an idea of which category it falls into. Also, a “search” box is very useful for quickly searching for the desired product.

Shopify SEO Site Speed

Improving the speed of site navigation also matters. To achieve this, you need to use a quick theme, which is also suitable for browsing on mobile devices. It is also useful to use small images so that the page can load quickly.

Shopify Keywords SEO

the use of keywords on the subject to highlight the products sold. It is useful to use them because they will be found in the description of the products sold but also in the Shopify SEO meta description, a description that appears immediately under the title of the site on search engines.

Content Marketing

content marketing or content creation. An extremely beneficial thing is to create your content for marketed products. A customer will always appreciate quality content. Often, by the simple fact that the listed products have relevant SEO descriptions, the client is convinced that the product suits him.

Duplicate Content

Through the application https://www.siteliner.com (it is just an example of the application) you can check if you have several pages with the same type of content.

Shopify SEO Blog

Shopify offers the possibility to create a blog. On the blog, in content marketing, and with the help of Shopify SEO, you can post quality articles, articles that refer to the products sold.

Shopify SEO Mobile friendly

you need to adapt your site in such a way that it is easy to navigate on small mobile devices (phone, tablet). The text must be formatted in such a way that it is easy to read, you can quickly navigate the site and the images load quickly. With the help of https://search.google.com/test/mobile-friendly, you can check if your web page is suitable for access from mobile devices.

Shopify SEO Tools Designed to increase the Quality of the Site

Shopify SEO plugin

– The site can be translated into several languages;

– Is constantly updated;

– Sheck the store and automatically inform you by e-mail of any problems

Shopify Smart SEO

automatic generation of relevant tags and meta tags for products, tags, and meta tags that are read and understood by search engines.

Shopify SEO image optimizer

Sizing the images used together with the product description in such a way that the web page loads quickly and without problems;

– it can be done quickly and no advanced IT knowledge is required.

– for image sizing, you can use the application https://apps.shopify.com/photo-resize-by-pixc (resize and automatically replace all product photos).

Shopify Google Analytics

– with the help of Google Analytics you can track website traffic and you can see how many visitors you have, the region they are from, what products they are particularly interested in.

Shopify SEO friendly URLs

– Optimize each web page around a keyword, a keyword that will be included in the URL. important to place at the beginning of the URL.

– Se hyphens to separate words – Google recommends using hyphens (-) to separate words from URL phrases is important for both user readability and search engine optimization, as hyphens are treated as spaces between words while connected words through the underline points are seen as a single word.

Shopify SEO Conclusion

Search engines are important because the site is launched here and all searches that refer to the site and the products sold, are born here. The site must be ranked in the first rows and pages in the search engine; that’s the only way you can have sales.

If Shopify SEO techniques are taken into account and fully respected, your site will surely be successful.