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Find out who we are, what we do and how we can help you

The main objective of our company: We offer online marketing services for all those who want to better promote their business and want to be successful in the long term.

Who we are?

White Blue Design Online Marketing Agency was founded in 2015 by Radu Ciofu and Ramona Ulici. The location of the agency is in Bucharest, the place where we will offer you professional services to promote your business. We have been working in this field for more than 10 years since we initially started dealing with SEO optimization services. A year later we started to create websites, and now, due to the experience gained, we offer a wide range of services, but also courses and materials for online marketing and promotion.

What we do and what services we offer


The main services that our online marketing agency offers are online promotion, website creation and web design, writing services, but we also offer online marketing courses. This way we help you promote yourself on Google Ads, on Facebook, to design SEO pages and articles, but also with many others.


In short, we create online promotion campaigns that we measure, then optimize them and we make sure that your message reaches as many potential customers as possible and finally helps you sell what you want to sell. Or if you want, we teach you how to manage your own campaigns, if you like us and enroll in our courses.

Meet the White Blue Design team

Before you decide to collaborate with an online marketing agency, you may want to get to know the team:

Radu Ciofu - co-founder

Radu mainly deals with the coordination of the team and with the supervision of the promotion campaigns, but also with the support of the courses organized by the agency. He is an economist by profession and is passionate about following the capital markets, but he has been involved in the area of online marketing and advertising since 2012. For him, the online environment and this agency he owns represent his investment in the future. If you want to know Radu better, find out that from 2018 he is also moderating a business show on the Romanian channel Canal33. Together with his guests, he debates current and interesting topics for business development.

Ramona Ulici - co-founder

Ramona studied computer science during high school and journalism during college. She then continued with a master's degree in communication and thus ended up working in sales and marketing. Although she studied in different fields, all this knowledge helped her throughout her career in the area of ​​online marketing and implicitly in the White Blue Design agency. In 2011, Ramona founded a site for women called Woman2Woman.ro which managed to gather a considerable number of women active in the community interested in career and leisure. Starting with 2013, she also deals with the organization of events that she organizes through the Woman2Woman.ro website.

Irina Gheorghe - Google Ads, copywriting and SEO specialist

Irina is naturally creative and this was reflected in the poems she composed in school, but also her own creations on a personal blog. She attended the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, later completing a master's degree in communication and human resources, better understanding the needs of those around her and how to communicate more effectively. Within the White Blue Design team she offers original ideas for writing, but also for promotion on Google Ads.

Company data – the legal entity

SC Advert Boutique S.R.L | C.I.F. 28901466 |Registration no.: J40 / 8918/2011 | Address: Ale. Campul cu Flori, Nr. 4, Bl. D26, Ap. 2, Sector 6, Bucharest