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Small business web design - choose an experienced online marketing company

Do you own a small business and you need professional services to make yourself known in the online environment? The online marketing company White Blue Design offers web design services to personalize your website fast and efficiently, having a long experience in the field. 

Who we are - business website developers

We are a team of professionals who deal with the creation of presentation sites for businesses, using the WordPress platform. Because we have been active in the online environment for years, we also offer other services such as SEO optimization, SEO page writing, promotion on Google Ads and Facebook. Our services will help with the  improvement of Website designs for small businesses.

We also organize online marketing courses for anyone who wants to learn to optimize their website, no matter the size and age of your business. 

What are the advantages of collaborating with us for small business web design services?

If your goal is to build a good and efficient website for your new business, a professional agency is what you are looking for. White Blue Design Agency creates sites in WordPress and will help you with design services for your small business. 

What are the advantages of collaborating with us:

  • ✓ We offer optimized WordPress solutions for your site
  • ✓ We take care of everything related to web design and content for small business websites
  • ✓ We have a professional and experienced team to design online marketing strategies for small businesses
  • ✓ The price for the services offered is personalized according to your needs
  • ✓ You can make payments even in several installments, depending on the size, but also the complexity of the desired site

Small business web design packages - what services we can offer you for your site

White Blue Design is an online marketing company who offers web design packages for small businesses, the goal being to become one of the first websites a visitor sees when they search for the content your business provides, generating more sales. These are the services we offer for any small business in need of web design, and not only.


We design complete SEO strategies

We want your website to be among the first searches on Google and that’s why we take care of everything that means on-page or off-page promotion, everything that means search engine optimization.


We design and optimize Google Ads campaigns

Once the site is ready you will need to attract more traffic. That’s why our online marketing team can create, in addition to  web design for small business, Google Ads campaigns. We focus on real and feasible objectives to attract as many visitors as possible for your small business.

Online marketing and digital promotion courses

Because we want to help you to manage your site and business, we also offer specialized courses for Facebook Ads, Google Ads, SEO optimization, content writing, small business web design and other marketing courses online.

Small business consulting services

Although we are located in Bucharest, we offer consulting services remotely, so you can enjoy the comfort of your home or your office, anywhere in the world. We perform a complete audit for your site if it already exists, or we can offer tips and ideas to design a professional site by yourself. We find customized solutions, based on your business and needs.

Small business website creation - some features of small business websites

Small business website creation is a process that may seem quite complicated at first, especially if you have never done a site on your own. You need to know what characteristics the website must have to become a successful site,  or at least an acceptable one, if you start with a smaller budget.

Thus, a site for a small business must be designed on a good platform for the site to load quickly, regardless of the page accessed. Another feature has to do with small business web design, the site must look as attractive and professional as possible. Subsequently, it must have a well-defined service area and a contact area for customer relations.

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Choose web design startup services

White Blue Design helps you with professional web design startup services, for small businesses, SMEs and for startups, small businesses at the beginning of the road. We focus on measuring and streamlining performance indicators when analyzing and optimizing the site. We rely exclusively on your needs and will never design a standard optimization plan that applies to all businesses.

If your small business is an online store, we are here to help you as well. Any startup that needs a store in the online environment must have a high-performance site.

Contact us if you need small business web design!

Have you seen the benefits and services that our online marketing agency can offer you, such as small business web design? If you also want to get in touch with us and discuss the ways we can help you make your small business visible on the internet, you can contact us by phone or email.