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The most important aspect of a site is to do its job efficiently. The “job” of a site is generally to sell you your products / services.
So, the most important aspect of almost any site is to SELL WELL.

We are not based on a web design company. We are a Marketing, SEO and Online Promotion company that also creates websites. We believe this is an advantage – we know what works, what works, what sells, what does NOT work and what does NOT sell.

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Free Download Guide: "The Features of an Efficient Site"

    What are the trends imposed by the biggest players in the online world - Google and Facebook

    Specifically, what are the directions for ergonomics, design and general user experience that Google promotes (and to a lesser extent Facebook)?

    Some imported features related to communication and ways to promote and sell products / services

    Some imported features related to communication and ways to promote and sell products / services Specifically - a site must effectively direct the flow of visitors. There are a few things to keep in mind when designing a site - this is the site plan. About what it should contain, how the menu should be made and what you should do IF selling products / services a little more difficult to sell. That is, products and services that do not cost a few tens of lei and where the potential customer has questions / concerns.

    Cateva sfaturi/recomandari privind elementele de design si ergonomie

    Evident, aspectul grafic al site-ului CONTEAZA. Insa, ca si in moda, si in web design exista tendinte si best practices. Vezi care sunt ele, ce e bine sa faci si ce e bine sa eviti. Si de ce.

    All this, plus more in the free guide "Features of a selling site" Did I say so far it's free?