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Would you like to sell your products or services on Google quickly and efficiently? If yes, then White-blue-design.com is here for you. We offer effective Google Ads services to our clients as per their requirements.

White-blue-design.com is an online marketing agency specialized in optimizing and implementing Google Ad campaigns. Through Google Ads services, we provide complete marketing packages and punctual services. We develop your message, set your Google settings, and effectively promote your business after delivering the product and the offer. Furthermore, we offer related services, such as: optimizing product pages, optimizing conversion rates, and implementing marketing funnels.

What are the benefits of working with us?
Is Google Ads services by White Blue Design agency right for you?

We focus on actual sales and customers. Our campaigns are set so that the cost/customer is as low as possible. Our goal is to get you the maximum number of customers for your budget. Complex campaigns are also implemented for products and services that are difficult to sell.

The Google promotion that we use by default includes remarketing (the type of ad that shows up after you visit a website or product) and makes it easier to sell where a customer has not made a purchase decision yet.

  • To achieve its goal, we are constantly working to improve the campaign
  • We include optimization in every campaign by default, not just setting
  • Tariff plans are flexible with us
  • We can work with you long-term or short-term, depending on your results and needs.
  • Management of Google Ads campaigns for a long time.

Allow us to sell quality services and products!

Anybody can launch a Google Ads promotion campaign,it isn’t difficult. Simple promotions are not always effective, however. Not every advertising pays off. Creating an effective Google Ads campaign takes time and effort. We realize that making money is only possible if you make money in the long run. That’s why we implement profitable marketing campaigns. We design our advertising policies and procedures to maximize the profitability of your ads.

  • We constantly monitor Google Ads campaigns
  • Depending on the results of our campaigns, we periodically optimize them
  • Explain our campaign’s evolution
  • Upon request, you can receive the Google Ads charges in a regular report
  • If you agree with our suggestions for improvement, we’ll implement them

What and how are we doing it?

Google Ads (former Google Adwords) is used to manage ads. For Ads Services to be effective, they need to contain several distinct elements:

Keyword research: This service involves gathering most of the phrases your potential customers search for and grouping them into distinct categories. You can’t provide the exact product the person wants if you don’t know what they want.

We will create and implement the Google Ads service plan: the strategy and logic of the entire campaign (you can’t do anything complex without a plan). Users should be directed to the most appropriate location depending on their Google search based on the results they provide.

The implementation and efficient optimization of Google Ads campaigns include creating ads in the administration menu and oversight of the drives.

Landing Page Optimization: This service enables you to provide your site administrator with advice about improving the content of the pages you promote. It is of no value to offer the right message to the right customer if he cannot find the information he is looking for on the site from where he was sent.

Are you interested in learning more about our services?

Do you have questions? Ask us about:

  • Why we priced our packages differently based on what we thought about them
  • What are Google Ads Campaign Management Packages for?
  • What is the budget range for the packages, and what are their approximate limits?
  • What is the most common rate, and how is the cost calculated?

Here are some frequently asked questions:

Google Ads Campaigns – what are they?

What steps are being taken?

Google Ads Services package includes keyword study

The process of keyword research used by Google

A successful Ad campaign begins with the study of keywords. It’s crucial to understand what is being searched for, how much is being searched for, and how big the competitors are for those keywords to be most effective.

Costs associated with conducting a keyword study

Google Ads Services include this service as part of the standard package for free. If you wish to purchase it separately, its price will depend on your needs. If you’re a marketing agency, freelancer, or other entity other than the direct beneficiary of the campaign, it’s crucial you don’t interfere with the campaign’s operation.

Despite not meeting the above requirements, we can still help you. Download this free guide to learn more. Make an appointment with us. A white-blue-design.com representative will contact you to confirm the request’s validity and schedule the audit.

Google Ads promotion plan development - included in the Google Ads package

Realization of the campaign structure

After identifying relevant keywords, the logic for the entire campaign must be devised: what message should be delivered to each search and where should the campaign be delivered to use. Ideally, each user will find the right page on your site after conducting a Google search. As with display campaigns, the same considerations apply: which sites will best display the message and which message should appear on them.

Please note that every package includes a promotion plan, but the total cost of the package determines its complexity.

A cost-benefit analysis of Google Ads promotion campaigns

Promotion package costs include this service, which is offered for free. If you choose to purchase this service separately, your needs determine its worth.

Google Ads Services package includes ongoing optimization and management

Ads need to be constantly improved and tested for new keywords and destinations – nothing perfect happens by accident. You are constantly monitoring and improving your Google Ads campaigns with the Campaign Management Services Package. It includes the following features:

Remove Unwanted Searches – Some keywords may perform unwanted searches, and it is a good idea to remove them.

Messages need to be constantly improved – Some messages perform better than others. We must remove messages that haven’t performed well and remove new messages from the area with the best performance.

Optimization of destination – While good traffic may help some pages perform better, others may not. As a result, we will make recommendations or even implement changes to make the campaign more effective.

Monitoring websites and keywords – In general, what has delivered good results should be promoted, and what has not delivered well should be eliminated or substantially reduced. To provide you with the best results, we constantly monitor the campaign.

Parameter Optimization for Ads Campaigns – Many parameters within the Ads Campaign Management Interface are available for optimization. Using the budget allocated to us according to our results and experience, we will try to use it as efficiently as possible.