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Guide - Link-Building recommendations

from "Google Spokesman" - John Mueller

Do you invest in SEO?

Do you promote the site through links?

Want recommendations from Google?

Then the guide is for you!

Periodically, John Mueller organizes webinars – hangouts – in which he tries to explain what is ok for SEO and what is not ok from Google’s point of view.

We have collected the most interesting ideas about link-building and put them in a guide – you can download it for free.

What do you find in the guide?

› How important is the total number of external links to a site

› How Google sees paid (purchased) links

› What do you do with bad links?

› What does Google think about Wikipedia links?

› Quality or quantity?

› Are reciprocal links ok?

› How important is the anchor text and the context in which the link appears – the answer is clear and surprising – it was for us too

Free Guide Link-Building Recommendations John Mueller

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