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Here are the main advantages of working with us!

You just send us your info and let us handle the hard work for you.

1. We never forget about the importance of mobile

The experience people have on websites by using mobile phones will impact the visitor’s vision about the brand in no time. Even though the desktop version looks great, people who have to scroll vertically and horizontally on their phones will be lost customers. So why not let a Web Design Agency  make your website user-friendly as well?

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2. Out of the box sites with SEO friendly content and structure

We’ll make sure that every article, product and service page is well structured and well documented. To make the site more engaging, we use internal links to relevant content. We also make the site SEO-friendly by optimizing images and using proper keywords.

3. We implement CTA oriented business

Calls to action made efficiently can help your visitors have a more agreeable consumer experience and help you grow your email list. A common function of a website is the use of “ Sign up to our newsletter” or “Download our new eBook”. By adding little details that make the visitors engage with your business even more, your website will be and look more professional.

4. Fresh Design

Who doesn’t like a website that’s friendly, with a simple and clear design? It’s very important for consumers to easily find, see and understand the information they need, without being distracted by discordant colors or messy themes on websites. 

We can help you create a website with Google optimized content, conversion oriented and mobile friendly designs

Let us build a great website together - How it works


Research and Info

We will discuss your ideas, your needs and your customer’s usual routine. Our professional web developers will create a plan and develop a structure – think of it as a map of your website, that will lead to conversions, Google optimized content and a web design that fits the brand image of your business. 

Developing a Style

Together we’ll discuss how the website and its main pages will look like, then customize a design for your site. You can choose from cool and fresh designs to corporate and professional ones, and not only. A good web design will attract visitors, will make them more willing to trust and read the information you provide, and even make them come back for more content your website offers.


We take the pieces and place them together in a well thought puzzle, creating a powerful website for your online presence. You’ll be offered a full-working platform, ready to grow your business and bring you results in sales and marketing objectives.

Feedback and maintenance

If you already have a website, or you need to improve the new one, we will implement any change you desire. White Blue Design will ensure a professional team of web designers, ready to offer you website maintenance and technical debugging any time you need.

Why you should choose our web design agency for creating a website

White Blue Design is a web design company who creates e-commerce and presentation websites for companies all around the world. We can offer a wide portfolio of websites, having a great amount of experience on the market. If you want a responsive web design platform, we can offer you quality website designs, mobile adapted and with unique user experience.

Services we can offer

White blue Design agency designs websites and not only! We’ll create a landing page for any marketing campaign, optimize and offer solutions for your e-commerce website.

1. E-commerce platforms

Get ready to sell online and gain more money from your business.

E-commerce software is a function that makes it possible for different businesses to sell various products or services in the digital area. Firstly, if you have a business, you hate to make an acquisition. That means the platform you are using must have an extensive IT setup and in-house management with professional teams. Online businesses need a software that back end functions like order management, inventory management, accounting and customer service. Shopify is one of the most successful  e-commerce platforms, it is targeting beginners and small to medium size businesses. It’s easy to access and has a user-friendly interface. Analytics such as dashboard, product reports, export reports, Google Analytics, traffic/referral reports are available.

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The interface of the platform is very simple and makes it possible to manage your online store without coding or other technical actions. The users of Bigcommerce don’t necessarily need development skills, but those who have these skills can easily twist the HTML and CSS configurations.

WooCommerce is another ecommerce platform that can be used with WordPress. Some big advantages when using  WooCommerce are reduced costs, WordPress specialists who can help you and a highly customizable interface.

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2. Responsive design

If you need a responsive platform for presenting your business, we can help.

One benefit of a responsive design is that you have more mobile traffic. This function offers more flexibility. A responsive website that uses methods such as caching and responsive image display has a positive impact over the web page loading speed. We are using a responsive web design where 50% of all web traffic comes from mobile devices. Responsive web designs allow your website to adapt quickly and also to provide an optimal experience.

Your website will look good and function flawlessly for users on a computer, tablet, laptop or smartphone.

3. Website redesign

A website redesign provides a faster loading of your website making it more approachable and simple to use in terms of navigation structure.

A redesign usually means that the code and visual appearance of a website change significantly.

For example, when a new visual identity and branding are made up, pages are restructured UX-wise so it incorporates new modules and functionalities. The information’s architecture gets updated, a new CMS (content management system) is introduced, all of it going live around the same time. Already have a website but it doesn’t give you the results you’re expecting? Let the White Blue Design team have  a look!

We offer many website designs in order to recreate, build a new one or optimize a website you already own. We are a web design and development agency ready to perform.

Let us build you a cost–effective website design and a functional platform for growing your business.

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4. Web design services

No more “web design near me” searches on Google – we are the answer you’re looking for.

A professional web design contributes to the visual experience a visitor has while  visiting your website. In contrast, a superficial might seem unsuitable and less credible.

If you want to keep up with your competitors, then you need a website that is completed with the latest trends in terms of design approach. This issue can be resolved if you create a professional website design. Also, a professional web design has a positive impact over the revenue.

The White Blue Design team makes aesthetically pleasing websites with receptive graphics that highlight the overall design. We are offering services such as complete websites and page-by-page, custom and compatible template designs.

5. Full stack development

You name it, we integrate it into your online platform.

A full stack development provides the Design Structure and may easily manage the Project responsibility. Also it is cost-effective and delivers  the project in time. The advantages of employing a full stack web developer are:

  • Making a prototype very rapidly
  • Mastering all the techniques involved in a development project
  • Providing help to all the team members
  • Reducing the cost of the project
  • Reducing the time used for team communication
  • Switching between front and back end development based on requirements
  • A better understanding of all aspects of new and upcoming technologies.
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Website design cost - how much money do you need to pay for your brand new website

You can benefit from a great offer for your brand new website. Just contact White Blue Design and let us develop a personalized offer for your needs and for your specific business. We don’t use the cheapest website builders or free website builders on the internet. We want the website to be fully functional and modern, with a great design and a responsive theme. The quality of our work matters the most.

We use complex e-commerce website builders and modules when we make a website. In order to work properly, we ensure a qualitative site builder frame and powerful coding.

Also, our web builder will ensure you the access of connecting your website to Google Analytics, Hotjar or any other marketing tools that will help your business grow, all with accessible prices customized for your business and goals.

Our recommendations on hosting and domain

Choose your domain wisely in order to reflect your brand, but choose more carefully when it comes to your hosting services. A great website and a powerful database with a poor and low-speed hosting will never give you a result.
Setting up a website is about creating a whole environment for your customers. So, a great and unique experience should be offered. The speed is the no. 1 factor in this direction. Making a web page that works under any conditions is our main goal. So, the website hosting should keep up with your website.
The hosting and the domain brings you another cost to build a website. Choose smart and build up a great UX / UI website for your customers.

Website maintenance services & support

We offer WordPress maintenance and any type of web maintenance with accessible costs. We can create you some website maintenance packages with web maintenance services, website support and online live support, perfect for small business or corporate companies.

Discover our offers and get ready for monthly website maintenance packages or personalized website support and maintenance packs. If you want us to grow your business together, we can discuss a partnership with website maintenance fees that will delight you.

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