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Squarespace SEO - the platform with everything

Squarespace is a website builder, more precisely a platform through which you can create a website. Creating the site is not difficult, Squarespace comes with a multitude of functions, but also guides, meant to help you and you can also do squarespace SEO for your business.

There are several platforms with which you can build a site: WordPress, Joomla, Blogger, Magento, etc. But Squarespace offers you all the tools you need for your site to stand out and perhaps the most important thing is that it is free.

Squarespace website SEO steps

  • claiming the domain: this means that you already know what the site will be created for (online store of various products, marketing, fashion, politics, etc.);
  • selecting the desired template: on https://www.squarespace.com/ you can find a lot of templates from which you can choose one that is to your taste and that corresponds to the chosen field;
  • outline your desired brand: with the help of the Style Editor function within the platform, you can customize your site;
  • adding content: here you already have to start writing articles, describing the various products offered or any information you think is useful for promoting your site;
  • e-mail configuration: with the help of Google Workspace you can create an email address being efficient in communicating with colleagues within the company and not only;
  • publishing and promoting/connecting with readers: it is very important to promote your site on various channels because this is the only way you can be known;
  • Squarespace SEO optimization: with the help of Squarespace Analytics you can monitor traffic and increase the number of views using SEO optimization techniques.

Squarespace SEO Features

Squarespace SEO Features
  • a perfectly integrated blogging platform – the content posted is very important and helps rank the site in search engines; 
  • metadata control – without this feature, you will not be able to control and edit URLs and page titles;
  •  link management and redirection – if you decide to edit a page, you must create a URL to direct visitors who access the old page to the correct page for squarespace SEO; 

Squarespace SEO - Useful for Website Optimization?

Squarespace includes several tools designed to help us get an idea of how the site works, how efficient it is, but also the creation of strategies to increase the quality traffic of the site. Squarespace goes on the premise that it’s already embedded SEO tools are powerful enough to grow your site, so we can talk about squarespace SEO.

Squarespace SEO Checklist

Choice of Title

After claiming the domain and outlining a brand, it is useful to choose a suitable site title. In choosing the title it is necessary to use a keyword that is as accurate as possible. Keep in mind that it is preferable for that keyword to appear to the left of the title, practically to be the first word in the title, because the search engine will display your site in the first rows, thus having more chances to be accessed.

Choice of Title
SEO on Squarespace images

SEO on Squarespace images

An SEO description or a meta description is a short description of text that highlights the relevant content of the text. The meta description will appear immediately below the title of the text in the search engine and will necessarily contain the keyword that also appears in the title.

Adding a location

Adding a location and publishing it online in squarespace SEO strategy, gives the site more chances to be accessed because many customers search for certain sites and are oriented by address. For example, if you have a car parts site, and you also have a physical store, it is very useful to have your location published and registered in Google Maps because many customers come to the physical store if they are from the area.

Adding a location seo
Connecting to social networks seo

Connecting to social networks

The social image is also useful. On social networks, you can post information about the content sold, product descriptions, various short posts that refer to the site, information accompanied by images of the products offered. You can also use ads on social networks to promote your products. The design of accounts on social networks with Squarespace is an asset, because in this way the content on the website automatically reaches the social networks, implicitly to potential customers.

Squarespace SEO Keyword

When writing content for publication on the site, it is necessary to use the keyword strategically in the text, several times, but be careful not to abuse it! Keywords for squarespace SEO are necessary because the vast majority of us when looking for certain information on search engines, use short words just to be able to go directly to the information we want to find out.

Long Tails for squarespace SEO

You can also add keywords like Long Tails, in free translation, and word for word, “long tail”. What exactly does that mean? It means you can add longer keywords that target specific searches. For example, you will not get the same results by looking for “women’s shoes” or “red women’s shoes with heels”. The last expression is a Long Tails search and leads you to those sites that sell this type of product.

Squarespace SEO tags

Squarespace creates web pages with HTML markup that can be integrated by search engines, the tags being added automatically. Adding tags to identify products sold on the site can increase the number of visitors to the site. Tags can also be used for any type of written blog article, so it does not have a specific use.

SEO on Squarespace images

Images can also be used in content writing, but it must be borne in mind that more pictures that are large, make it difficult to load the page and there is a risk that the user will cancel the upload and migrate to another site. However, if you decide to use images, try to use some as relevant as possible for what you are trying to describe and compress them before uploading them to the site.

Google Analytics dashboard

The Google Analytics dashboard helps you see information about site traffic, visits by region, city, number of items sold, keywords that link to the site, and how well the site’s content matches what visitors are looking for.

Squarespace email

Also, through Squarespace email campaigns, you have the opportunity to communicate with the public. Squarespace email tools are easy to use and manage. Just like creating the website through Squarespace, creating a Squarespace email can be customized by creating a template and configuring the profile, you can manage the contact list and customize the name of each contact, you can send automatic campaigns to new subscribers and not only.

Is SEO Good for Squarespace?

It certainly is! The best part about using Squarespace SEO is that it can be used for any business, be it small and on the verge of launch, or a large company with thousands of visitors. If you are a beginner, and you have no idea what an SEO promotion means, it is important to turn to a specialized marketing company because you are more likely to enter the market faster and be known, than if you start promoting yourself.