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How to Audit Ads Campaigns

The free guide to optimizing your advertising campaigns on Google shows you the most important things to look for when reviewing an Ads campaign.

Free Download Ads Audit Guide

    In the free Ads Audit guide you will find:

    General tips – understand the general logic of the campaign

    The first aspect and the one we should always start with is the logical structure of the promotion strategy – which are the most important parameters – the so-called KPI or Key Performance Indicator.

    Diagnose Ads Search campaigns

    Most of the time, when we audit an Adwords account, we need to look at several distinct campaigns. Which do we start with and which is the most important? Obviously, the one who spent the most money.

    Diagnose Ads Display campaigns

    Auditing display campaigns involves roughly the same set of steps as search campaigns, but there are some notable differences. In the case of the display, the location where the respective ad was displayed is very important. A distinct step in auditing display campaigns is to see what our ads actually look like on the sites that display those ads.

    All this, plus more Free in the Ads Campaign Auditing Guide. All you have to do is fill out the form above and download the PDF.

    Thank you and we hope you find the guide useful.
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