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The importance of SEO for small businesses - affordable SEO packages

What does SEO mean?

What does SEO mean? It is important to know this because in this way we can understand how SEO helps us to increase the number of visitors to the site and implicitly the business. The term SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization and means Search Engine Optimization.

What makes SEO for small businesses more accurate? SEO aims to increase the quality traffic of the site. This can be done by entering some key elements, for example, titles that contain keywords and relevant phrases, expressions in the search algorithm.

SEO optimization for small businesses is divided into two categories:

  •  On-page SEO optimization – involves the use of a keyword in titles, subtitles, and various phrases in the text or even keywords assigned to images. It is useful even to use links that refer to a certain product/idea/detail that is related to the promoted object.
  • Off-page SEO optimization – represents the activities carried out outside the website. This means creating quality links to your site through known sites. This way Google will first display your site, even if it is in a small business, to the detriment of other similar sites. Creating content marketing through posting on social networking sites, appealing to influencers, vloggers and bloggers is also part of off-page SEO oppression.

It should be noted that the two categories of SEO optimization are not only used for small companies but for any company in general, regardless of its size.

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Depending on the practice used, SEO is divided into:

White hat SEO – this technique refers to those SEO tactics that are by the conditions of search engines;

Includes quality services, a fast loading time of the site, a title that includes the keyword (recommended at the beginning of the title to be as visible as possible to the reader), a clear and concise meta description that includes keywords, but also an easy site navigation. All these tactics are used to promote your company.

Black hat SEO – this technique is the manipulation of search engines in terms of site quality by using certain software that promotes content for those seeking certain information and different content for the search engine;
It is not a proper technique to use, because it does not offer quality traffic.

The most often used and recommended being used is the SEO White Hat technique because in this way you respect the rules of search engines, offer credibility and do not risk in the future closing the site or even the final banning from Google, for example.

Affordable SEO packages for small businesses

There are a lot of companies on the market that offer SEO services for small businesses and for any type of company in general. You just have to choose the right one for you. You can start by looking for more companies, to ask for price offers for the services you want to promote. It is important to provide as much detail as possible about your site, because only in this way will you receive recommendations and information that meet your wishes.

The White Blue Design team offers quality, fast and effective services. Through the content we create, we try to provide the most accurate and precise information in order to have fast and positive results. Before we post the content created on the internet, we check and recheck several times to make sure that the finished product is the expected one and according to the required standards.

Clients can track every second what stage their project is at, this increases trust and ensures that we keep our word. It is very important for us that each client understands the process that must be followed to have a successful campaign.

The SEO promotion process is a long one to get the right results. Depending on how well known a company is, we offer several SEO packages, which are informative, because the actual cost of a promotion can be decided only after several discussions and depending on the budget you want to allocate, the objectives that you want to achieve.

For small companies we offer an affordable SEO Package that involves a certain number of articles per month, press releases and low value links. This package of services is, at least for the beginning, enough, because it is a starting point for a small company and is enough to attract traffic and make the site known. The price for the package is customized according to the requirements of the client.

Before concluding a contract for SEO Services for small businesses, we offer a free SEO audit to better understand your needs. In this way we identify what does not work on the site, what needs to be improved, what category of people we focus on, etc. SEO auditing is extremely important, because only in this way can we find out what we have to do in the future.

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SEO plans for small businesses

What do we start with? We will create an SEO strategy with a content plan, and we will write the content and make it public in various ways. Through these seemingly simple techniques, you will make your site known, you will gain credibility, and you will attract as many customers as possible.

By searching for keywords suitable for the promoted site, we will bring your site to the forefront in search engines.

Writing articles that contain keywords add value to the site, as they make the products offered known and provide accurate information about them.

Link building is also a technique that delivers results. This technique consists of sending a reader to your site when he is browsing another site. In short, this way users can navigate between sites.

However, for all the above to be achievable, there must be a site created. If you don’t have it, we will take care of the site creation and maintenance as needed.

Why choose us?

  • we are up-to-date with all the information related to SEO and marketing promotion;
  • we understand the value of the product that you offer;
  • we offer quality content through the articles created;
  • we deliver the promised services on time;
  • we provide valuable information for site optimization;
  • respect the client;
  • we have customized prices for SEO for small companies.

If you want to make your business known, grow on the internet, to evolve financially, don’t hesitate! Rely on White Blue Design for the success of your business! Our techniques work only if we work together and collaborate efficiently.