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  • Want to reach out quickly to the general public?
  • Do you want to connect with your target audience?
  • Do you want to let people know about the products and services you are offering?

We are a Marketing Agency specialized in implementing promotion campaigns through Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads.

Just let us know about what products or services you are offering, and we’ll write and design a message for your customers and make the settings on Facebook (or Instagram) to boost your sales.

Furthermore, we offer other related services, such as optimizing product pages, optimizing conversions, implementing marketing funnels, graphics, text, posting, etc.

Why us? Why white-blue-design.com for Facebook Ads Services?

  • We have been implementing ads on Facebook since 2014, and our experience has enabled us to serve our clients efficiently.
  • We always look for concrete results in the work we are delivering.
  • Our advertising campaigns on Facebook are set in a way that provides flexible and minimum cost to the customer.
  • We are well aware of implementing complex campaigns for products/services that are difficult to sell. So, our team of experts is trained to deal with every business target audience.
  • Facebook is generally known as a way to promote mass products. However, it is possible to successfully promote products or services that are more difficult to sell with specialized strategies. We have such campaigns in our portfolio available at affordable rates and prices. 
  • We have a pro-client culture and concrete pro-results where we implement the campaigns as per the client’s requirements.

Facebook and Instagram Ads services offered by our agency

Facebook / Instagram advertising campaigns 

You share your goal with us (to sell more products or services, to be known, you want to attract followers or likes, you want remarketing campaigns – whatever), and we will make the necessary arrangements to achieve that desired goal. We will offer:

  • Content management and content for your Facebook page – Do you have a page, but you don’t know what to post on it? If yes, then We are here to take care of it. Let us know the results you expect from your media site (how many ads per month), and we will do the rest.
  • Direct sales campaigns or lead collection – Are you looking for a campaign that is 100% focused on efficiency and concrete results? We understand your needs, and we can implement campaigns on Facebook or Instagram specially designed for sales and not clicks.
  • Facebook ads Maintenance Services – We will do all small settings and adjustments needed to make your campaign work and help you with a “light” administration service.
  • Special advertising services through Facebook – We will also promote product catalogs and events – on-site or online, GEO-targeted campaigns, implementation of sales funnels, etc.

Other benefits offered by white-blue-design.com agency


Each client has an account manager to whom they can ask questions, and it is essential to understand what and why we do. 

Procedures for increasing ad efficiency

We have procedures for evaluating and re-evaluating ongoing ads. So, we always try to get better results. We test as many audiences and messages as possible and so on. Hence, we are aware that the only chance for us to make a profit, in the long run, is for you to make a profit as there can be no long-term win-win situation.

Want to know about the charges for our services?

You will get to know more about:

  • How we have planned our packages and why the prices vary for different packages.
  • Suitability of other Facebook ads campaign management packages
  • What could be the approximate limits and budgets for the packages?
  •  What are the most common rates and the method by which they are calculated?
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Frequently asked questions about promotional campaigns on Facebook or Instagram

Suppose it’s a small campaign, then it will approximately take a month, but if it’s an average campaign, then it will consume around 2-3 months and more time for a big one.

An advertising campaign on FB is not only just about setting ads but also about implementing various optimization techniques. Every campaign takes time to produce good results from the very first setup. Additionally, ads need to be changed to identify what work needs to be devised.

You can sell relatively cheap and high-demanding products under 75 euros to the general public through Facebook or Instagram. For example, clothes, shoes, jewelry, phone accessories, vacations, etc.

They can be sold on Facebook, but not directly and not at first. More complex promotion campaigns are needed to promote such products successfully, or a sales department will subsequently contact campaigns that obtain leads (contact details) and people.

Facebook is currently one of the cheapest ways to promote any product or service. The most significant advantage of any social network is its vibrant and well-segmented way of evaluating and creating connections.

Optimizing your messages and audience can make Facebook promotion campaigns very effective in cost/result ratio. Facebook Ads is so effective that over 70% of our entire promotion budget is allocated to this promotion channel.

According to an annual internal ranking, Facebook is on the top online promotion channel list.