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Email Marketing Services - Email Advertising

Email marketing is one of the most efficient ways you can keep in touch with a specific audience. Being a direct marketing tool, you can get from this audience potential real interesting customers of the services or products that your business offers.

If you are interested in this method and want to apply it to your business, we can help you. Find out more about the email marketing services we can offer you and what are the advantages you can have.

What exactly does email marketing mean?

It often happens that when you have a large number of visitors on your site a very small number of them also place an order or request for services. In principle, this large number of visitors will not make a purchase from the first access to the site.

You can use email marketing to turn them into potential customers. Specifically, it has the role of reminding them of you and the products you offer. This way of building customer loyalty will help them gain confidence in your brand and then choose to buy or collaborate with your company.

How we can help you - email marketing services

In the process of an email marketing campaign, several steps must be taken. From choosing the right strategy to designing the message and choosing the right audience. At the same time, the development of the database must be a continuous process for the number of potential customers to increase.

What advantages does White-blue-design.com offer you for email marketing services

  • We design email marketing campaigns suitable for your business and to attract as many customers as possible
  • Each email is personalized and specific for promotions or for any product you want to promote
  • Easy administration of the contact list and segmentation of users into groups
  • We constantly check the performance of your email marketing campaign
  • We check if the emails sent reach the final destination

Why is email marketing efficient?

  • It involves lower costs than other paid promotion methods
  • You don’t have to pay for every click you receive, you can communicate with your audience whenever you want
  • You can segment your audience very clearly, depending on several criteria, depending on what they are interested in, to increase the chances of buying
  • You can customize how you want the message, the recipient’s name or any other details
  • Through email marketing, you can see exactly how many people opened your email and how many clicked on the email link
  • Given that the audience already knows you, the conversion rate will be higher, because they are already familiar with your company

In what situations can be used an email marketing campaign

This type of promotion through email marketing is ideal for promoting both services and products, as well as various events to suppliers or customers. These emails can be sent daily, weekly or monthly and can contain both promotional information, pictures, and contests or other details that need to be known by all those who interact with the business.

To send these emails it is necessary to use a specially designed software for email marketing. We can help you choose the right option so that your emails are sent efficiently and quickly.

Email marketing services prices

We offer email marketing services at the following prices:

Packages start at 100 euro for making an email template. The cost is calculated depending on how it is created and its complexity.

These packages are available for a standard newsletter according to the same criteria.

This price for email marketing services is indicative and may increase depending on the size of the newsletter and the number of pictures to be processed.

Use mail marketing promotion

Do you want to communicate better with customers or visitors of your site? Regardless of the specifics of your company, you can use the email marketing services offered by our online marketing company White-blue-design.com. We design email marketing campaigns for small and large companies, choosing exactly the right message to help you grow your customer portfolio.