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Guide + free online store optimization video tutorials (including SEO)

"About half of what separates successful entrepreneurs from unsuccessful ones is pure perseverance" - Steve Jobs

Do you have an online store?

» Do you want to sell more?
»Want to know what optimizing an e-commerce site means?
»Want to know how to do SEO for online stores?
»Do you want more visitors WITHOUT paying for them?
»Do you want to increase your conversion rate? (chance to buy)
»Not satisfied with the current number of orders?

We can help you for free!

We have a complete SEO guide for Ecommerce and over 4 hours of free video tutorials to understand what online store optimization means ↓

Download the Free SEO Guide for Online Stores and Video Optimization Tutorials for e-Commerce

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Download the Free SEO Guide and Online Store Optimization Tutorials:

    What you can find in the seo guide for ecommerce

    Part 1 – Optimizing the technical factors of an online store

    For example: how well written the code of that online store is, how fast or slow it loads, if errors occur or not, if google can read (index) the site correctly, if it works well on any browser, phone or computer and and so on.

    Part 2 – SEO optimization of a SINGLE PAGE of an online store

    Meta Keywords, Meta Titles, Meta Descriptions, Meta Other stuff… that still have some influence, plus user experience parameters.

    Part 3 – Increasing the authority of an online store (Google’s trust in the site)

    How Google calculates the authority (pagerank) of a site, the factors that determine the authority, link building.

    What Video Tutorials Are About

    Video 1 – Introduction to online store optimization – 30 minutes

    Video 2 – the concept of lifetime value of client – 37 minutes

    Video 3 – Increase conversion rate – 21 minutes

    Video 4 – main sources of traffic and online customers – 43 minutes

    Video 5 – SEO for online stores (e-commerce SEO) – part 1 – 49 minutes

    Video 6 – SEO for online stores (e-commerce SEO) – part 2 – 50 minutes

    Video 7 – SEO for online stores (SEO e-commerce) – part 3 – 32 minutes

    Video 8 – SEO optimization of an online store – case study – online florist – 65 minutes

    Video 9 – special advertisement for online stores on Google and Facebook – catalog sales – 22 minutes