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Protection of personal data

We are firmly committed to the protection of personal data. We ask that you carefully review this privacy policy, which contains important information about the protection of personal data, the reasons and how we collect and use personal data and provides you with information about your rights.

The use of personal data that you have transmitted to us is made according to this privacy policy or according to information that you had at the time of their collection.

The security of all data is a very important issue. Therefore, our server is located in the European Union, and our proxies regarding technical, hardware and software support are located in the European Union.

Our procedures regarding the protection of personal data, organizational and technical measures, are structured in order to ensure the confidentiality and security of personal data and all information in our care. We periodically check the adequacy of the implemented measures.

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Protection of personal data

We collect personal data of clients and potential clients individuals, representatives of organizations and contact persons at their level, contact data of the persons we interact with and those who act according to the instructions of our clients, our suppliers and our contacts. contacts in an untimely manner, as well as of the relevant persons who make public their personal data in a manifest way.

At the same time, we collect and store personal data as part of the procedures for accepting clients and executing contracts, but also for performing the pro-bono and honorary tasks that we have assumed or that we consider reasonable.

It is possible that, for certain services or activities, we also collect special categories of personal data, when we obtain the consent, in writing, by computer means or when it is made public in a manifest way, as well as when the law obliges us.

What personal data we collect

The data collected differs from case to case. At most we collect the name and surname of the contact person, the name of the organization, the position, the telephone number, the e-mail address, the postal address, the date, time and other possible contact details, which help us to remember the context of interaction with us.

We do not want to collect personal numerical code or other unique numerical data assigned by the state, so we do this only if the law obliges us and always with adequate security measures. If such an incident happens to come to our attention, we delete them immediately.

How we use personal information

Personal contact details may be consulted by members of our team only to the extent strictly necessary for initiating and maintaining contacts with the contacts concerned, for the execution of contracts, for hosting or facilitating the hosting of events, and in other purposes arising from obligations arising from laws, contracts or fair practices.

We take into account the context in which personal data were collected, especially regarding the relationship between the data subjects and us, as well as the possible consequences on the data subjects.

We send invitations to new events or partners.

Purposes of personal data processing

We process personal data for the development of our services, for providing our contacts with information about us and our range of services and facilities.

We also collect personal data for recruitment purposes, only on the basis of consent.

Like everyone else, we are subject to legal obligations and fair practices, so we must keep some records that do not cover personal data, but may contain personal data, so they are subject to the same protection penalties.

The legal basis for the processing of personal data

We process the personal data of the contact persons based on the consent, the contract concluded with us or the honest usages, as well as for the execution of our legal obligations.

Data retention

Personal data will be kept by us only as long as necessary for the purposes of processing, as well as, of course, according to legal or contractual requirements. In the absence of such requirements, the retention period of records and supporting documents for services should not exceed 10 years.

In the case of personal data for the purpose of recruitment, we keep the personal data only for a maximum of 30 days from the closing of the recruitment procedure, in order to be able to respond to the candidates.

Security of personal data processing

Our security measures, both technical and organizational, protect both our information and information about contacts, personal data and other important data. The concern for detecting, investigating and resolving security threats is permanent. We allocate significant logistical and financial resources in this regard.

The rights of data subjects

In the absence of legal provisions to circumstantiate them, you have the following rights in connection with the processing of your personal data: the right to request a copy of the personal data relating to you that we hold; the right to rectification of any incorrect or incomplete personal data; the right to oppose or restrict our use of your personal data; the right to withdraw your consent for the processing of data processed on the basis of consent; the right to delete your personal data, in situations where you have withdrawn your consent, the processing is no longer necessary or the processing is contrary to law; the right to data portability that allows you to receive a copy of the processed data that we have received from you or to transmit them to another entity indicated by you; the right to withdraw your consent for processing performed on the basis of consent.

In order to exercise the rights, we need to make sure that the requests come from the data subjects. Please let us know your requests, in any way that is reassuring about the identity of the applicant and his justification. We will answer you immediately. If you are dissatisfied, you can contact ANSPDCP.

Special situations

Free newsletter

We offer interested persons the opportunity to receive in the e-mail box our newsletter, which contains information and links to published materials, articles or other information.

For this purpose, we collect, store and use the e-mail address to send information. This personal data is carefully stored on a server in the European Union, and the technical service provider is in the European Union. In any case, newsletter subscribers can unsubscribe at any time, either by using the automatic unsubscribe link inside each e-mail, or by writing to us directly.

The subscription to the newsletter has the meaning of expressing the consent regarding the receipt of commercial communications from us (marketing), but exclusively by referring to articles.

We do not alienate in any way or rent the e-mail addresses of the people we interact with.


The images of the professionals we display come from them or illustrate public events in which they participated.

How to contact regarding personal data

For any request, complaint, suggestion or observation regarding the protection of personal data, please use the e-mail address on the site, or any other contact method that is convenient to you.