White Blue Design

We are White Blue Design, a web design agency that works mostly in online marketing.

Our goal is to create fresh and super friendly designs for all types of websites. In the process of designing, we are also taking into account the branding, marketing material, and marketing strategy followed. 

The factors that contribute to an appealing design are symplicity, typography, imagery, consistency, and functionality. A good custom web page design can have a positive impact on the visitors by building their trust and inviting them to take action.

Here is a list of the advantages you have if you choose to work with us:


we will make sure that the colors you want to represent your brand and logo suit them the best. If not we will give you accessible and fresh solutions that can resolve that. The web design and page development is assured through consistency.


it is a process that analyzes business’ brand engagement, enchantment, and also investigates the impact of web page design on the visitors. We are making sure if the audit is made correctly and if the colors are used adequately to represent the brand identity. On the landing pages it is also important to think about patterns, so pay attention, it has to be representative to your brand.


when you change your business direction, for example, you want to sell products, not services, then you have to take into consideration the process of rebranding. It requires complex digital actions for developing the web page, but our experts can do it very well.


is a friendly online platform that facilitates the creation of impressive designs and also is a tool of publishing blogs. We are using it due to its accessible features and personalized themes. This configuration platform is optimal when speaking about custom web design.

The web page design and development are based on professional themes that were tested before by hundreds of entrepreneurs. We are starting from a theme and after we personalize it through different filters such as brand identity, business’ mission, business’ objectives, logo.

The logo is an important tool you need to take into account when designing the website, it should reflect your business’ mission, values, objectives. How does your landing page design look, say a lot about you and your perspective on the digital market.
Your website is the main online presence of a business story.
It is necessary to provide a pleasant user experience. Since then, our specialists can help with UX (user experience) optimization services for your site. It is possible to make a pleasant care website to load quickly and serve as a conversion, to be able to use the call to action (CTA). Also important is the user interface part of a website, as well as its apparent graphics. We can provide a website optimized to see graphically, with a continuous balance, care to get well, or face users for interaction with it. A combination of Usability (User Experience) and User Interface (Pleasant Appearance) is essential for your site to be successful. Why not to choose a site optimized UX and UI Design created by White-blue-design.com specialists? Besides, if you want to create a super friendly website with a simple and engaging design then our team is the answer. We invite you to look over our work and see how we do things, you’ll like it.
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We implement custom web page design modules

Update them, and keep them safe. For the graphic part, we design an attractive website that respects the representative colors of your business. Besides we use responsive themes, easy to manage, customized to your business. This way we get an agile, safe, and well-optimized site for search engines and the User Experience (pleasant user experience).