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Getting Started Guide in SEO Optimization

With a Free Guide in PDF format

Getting Started Guide in SEO Optimization

Find out what SEO is and what you need to do to get more traffic to your site – A Free PDF Guide

Find out what SEO is and how you can significantly increase your Google traffic.

With a Free Guide in PDF format

The introductory guide “Getting started with Google optimization” shows you how simple it can be:

• What is SEO
• What you need to do to attract more visitors to Google
• What are the main rules you need to apply if you want more traffic to your site

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In the free guide "Getting started with Google optimization" you will find:

Every second, Google scans tens of thousands of sites (the term used is crawls) and stores their content in its own database (the term used is indexed). When a user searches for something, he is actually searching the Google database and not directly on the internet.

Unfortunately, here is the first big problem: The complete list of criteria used is secret and in addition it changes quite often. Fortunately, there are alternatives: Those who deal with optimization for Google, SEOs, that is, through successive tests have managed to identify quite accurately the main criteria for optimization on Google.

All criteria used by Google to analyze a site or page can be divided into two broad categories: Authority and Relevance. In the guide you will find in detail what each one represents, how it is calculated and how it can be improved.

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    All this, plus more Free in the “Getting Started with Google Optimization” guide. All you have to do is fill out the form above and download the PDF.