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Website maintenance

– the only constant is change 

If you want to have a competitive site, proper maintenance of it is necessary.

The Internet is evolving, your competitors are evolving, technologies are changing and something new is always emerging.

If you want to grow your site or at least keep it up to date, you need website maintenance services.

We can help you!

What Types of Web Maintenance Are There?

and what services do we actually offer?

"Technical" site maintenance

Technical maintenance generally means repairing the site or periodic maintenance to prevent the risk of problems occurring.

Technical maintenance generally includes the following operations:

  • Plugin update
  • Platform update and other updates
  • Installation of security modules
  • Solving problems
  • Increase the speed of the site
  • etc…

Site Improvement Maintenance

Many people also consider these aspects as maintenance, although strictly from the point of view of the operations performed, a more correct name would be the optimization of the site. Timely update and review is necessary for every business website to grow.  

Site maintenance and optimization services generally include:

  • Price updates and other useful information on the site
  • Settings to improve certain features of the site (adding buttons, improving images)
  • Installation of new tools & software
  • Updating new promotions, eliminating old offers
  • etc…

We can help you regardless of the type of operations your site needs.

We are a marketing agency and a web design agency, who can provide “technical” maintenance as well as site improvements or optimizations or add content, such as blog posts, posts, promotions, etc.

We have an editorial department and we can offer text editing services such as new blog posts, social media posts, etc.

Prices for Website Maintenance

Web Maintenance is a Service, not a fixed cost product. It requires good knowledge and skills to be done productively.   

Web maintenance is charged according to the number of hours worked and the complexity of the work.

We have several Web Maintenance Packages. If you are not aware of which one to opt for, then, contact us »

Mini Web Maintenance Package

  • 160 euros – 4 hours included (40 euros / h)
  • only for small operations
  • the smallest package

# a 10% discount applies for 6+ month subscriptions

Request the Mini package »

Web Environment Maintenance Package

  • 300 euro – 8 hours included
  • standard package for medium site maintenance
  • Medium issues and plugin updates

# a 10% discount applies for 6+ month subscriptions

Request the package Environment »

Custom Web Maintenance Package

  • over 400 euros  – 10+ hours included ( 30 euros / h)
  • for big problems, hacking, SEO
  • for LONG periods without maintenance

# a 10% discount applies for 6+ month subscriptions

Request Custom Package »

"A milligram of prevention is worth a kilogram of cure" - John Robert Colombo

A well-maintained site gives visitors confidence and increases the reputation and conversion rate of your business (the chance to sell), while an outdated, cumbersome site with outdated content, dead pages or errors, creates the impression of lack of professionalism.

If you want to present your business in the most favorable manner and get an impression of a well-developed site, then the maintenance of your site is essential.

In addition to the appearance of the site and how well it moves, there is another reason why you should have a maintenance contract: SEO (optimization for Google)

In short, Google analyzes your site with the help of robots that gather information about the value of your site. The better a site is developed and maintained, the higher it will be in Google and the more traffic it will have.